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This statement simply serves as a copyright notification and indicates that we reserve all rights provided under the United States and International Copyright Laws in regards to our Website Text and Imagery.

Our Specific Copyright Statement

All images & text found on our website are the artistic and intellectual property of ABROWNsPHOTO. Therefore, this website is protected by Federal and International Copyright Laws. It is a violation of copyright law to copy, reproduce, or manipulate our content in any manner. Violation of these laws can result in fines of upwards of $150,000, in addition to court and attorney fees. ABROWNsPHOTO? also reserves the right to protect our copyright by invoicing the violator for double the cost of each piece of content taken. 

{United States Copyright Law - Title 17}

Basically...we take great pride in our work. Scanned, copied, or manipulated images result in greatly reduced photo quality, which reflects poorly on the reputation of our work and the integrity of our business. If you have a special need for a digital image file, simply ask!

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